Providing superior quality building masonry construction service for over 33 years.


As one of the largest masonry contractors in Canada, we have been working alongside some of the most reputable contractors in the industry for over 33 years on new construction projects.

We are fully licensed and equipped to offer the following services:

  • Masonry Cladding
  • Cut Stone Wall Cladding, engineered and designed for anchor set stone.
  • Stone wall cladding, engineered and designed for aluminum track system
  • Cavity wall insulation, air vapor barrier, and flashing
  • Concrete block masonry units for load bearing and non-load bearing partitions and perimeter walls.

With reputable technical and practical expertise in building structures safely, our goal is to provide cost-effective construction of new masonry to clients within allocated budgets and timelines without compromising quality.

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From contracting to complicated design-build and P3 projects, Limen brings the right solutions at the right time, with the right people, to turn your vision a reality.

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