We are the ideal choice for industrial, commercial, institutional, recreational and multi-tenant residential projects.


Limen delivers high-efficiency formwork engineering solutions to construction clients across Canada.  Our world-class construction team develops concrete formwork product enhancements for increased safety, productivity, and project-specific requirements.

We are fully licensed and equipped to offer the following services:

  • Provide Project Plan, Design and Simulation of Construction at any phase and complexity level, developed by our professional management team.
  • Provide skilled manpower, appropriate equipment, and material to implement formwork. This includes placing of reinforcing steel, layout, and placing of the cast-in embeds, place and finish concrete in accordance with contract requirements.
  • Provide hoisting in form of tower (hammerhead or luffing) or mobile cranes as required.
  • Supply and installation of precast stairs.

Our goal is to form concrete to illustrate our cultural diversity on a solid foundation. As concrete formwork experts, we take pride in building the structures that people live, work, learn, play and receive care in for decades after our work is completed.

Featured Projects

From contracting to complicated design-build and P3 projects, Limen brings the right solutions at the right time, with the right people, to turn your vision a reality.

The Company We Keep

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