Safety Policies & Procedures

Ensuring the Health and Well Being of Everyone. We pride ourselves in our Health and Safety recognitions, awards, and have been Certificate of Recognition (COR) certified since 2017.

At Limen, keeping our employees, customers, and members of the public safe is our number one priority.

Health and Safety is ingrained in our cultural values, it is a part of who we are and dictates how we do business. With a strong Internal Responsibility System and a top-down approach, starting with the President; we are all committed to Limen’s Health and Safety Program. This program undergoes an extensive review every year, with the help of field workers, supervisors, and top management. Everyone plays an important role.

We are a team working towards the same goal: Zero Injuries.

The following Policy Statements highlighted below:

Substance Abuse and Fitness for Duty Policy

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Inclement Weather Policy

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Limen Violence and Harassment Policy

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